Dorofeeva shook her charms in transparent lingerie: “Dried…”

Дорофеева потрясла прелестями в прозрачном белье: «Высушила…»

Ukrainian singer Nadya Dorofeeva continues to pamper subscribers candid photos in transparent lingerie

Footage of the girl posted to Instagram Stories.

“When dried hair with a Hairdryer”, — stated in the message.

It Dorofeeva posing in a Bathrobe and with a “Bang” on the head. The next picture she showed with perfect packing in transparent lingerie.

Дорофеева потрясла прелестями в прозрачном белье: «Высушила…»

“So much better”, — underlined in the message.

As previously reported, the singer Nadia Dorofeeva from the group “Time and Glass” posted on his Instagram a new photo in an interesting way.

Artist with colleague Alexei Zavgorodniy (“Positive”) — dressed in all black. Alexei t-shirt is complemented by black-and-white prints and various accessories.

But more attention is attracted, of course, Nadia. She chose a bra and shorts interesting cut similar to underwear. Top artist wear a jacket with long sleeves. Complement the image of jewelry and glasses narrow rectangular shape. Also star braided two braids.

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The day publishing Dorofeeva has collected more than 147 thousand likes and lots of comments.

“Finally a photo with Alex, Successful flights 🙌 and unreal concerts”, “You’re too hoooooot”, “You go with such a strict hairstyle and long hair”, “the Most perfect and sexy group 🔥 ❤ this🔞”, “Just bomb💥💥💥 Nadia, you’re perfect”, “Oh, Mother, what you beautiful”, “Nadia just pure cupcake”, “Stylish and cool”, “Kill your photos…” — wrote followers.

Ahah yacht and the sea Vitalik Nadya ❤ this😂”, “Ofigennye 😻😻🔥”, “I’ll Ask all the same question: Where is the keyway?😂”, “Where Is The Keyway?)”, “Well, I, too will ask: WHERE LASIK!!!! 😹🤨”, “The main thing is that the inscription is seen” Nadia 😂 🔥 🔥 ❤ I”, “Nadia, you look gorgeous as always😍😍😍👌😂”, “Ha!🙌😘 Nadia you’re so… clear, direct 😹😹 acne seen 😻💞”, “Oooo this blue dress 😻😻”, “What are you cool guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️”, – wrote in turn the users.

Дорофеева потрясла прелестями в прозрачном белье: «Высушила…»

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