Dorofeeva puzzled “garbage” outfit: “Beautiful even in such a terrible outfit”

Дорофеева озадачила "мусорным" нарядом: "Красива даже в таком ужасном наряде"

Ukrainian singer Nadya Dorofeeva impressed network of unusual images that stirred the imagination of its followers

Nadia Dorofeeva, who actively leads his page on Instagram, has announced a new collection of clothes in your store So the DoDo. Also a famous singer, soloist of group “Time and Glass”, was accompanied by a message in several photographs, which showed some models of its collection.

The footage Dorofeeva tried Cycling shorts, a special mask which covers the lower part of the face, long white socks with black stripes, white long loose t-shirt with a black cross on the chest, and an unusual “plastic skirt.”

“And this is just a small part! Tomorrow at Mechnikov, 6 — you will see and fall in love with the collection,” she intrigued subscribers.

Дорофеева озадачила "мусорным" нарядом: "Красива даже в таком ужасном наряде"

Netizens have begun to actively comment on new pictures of the star. So, in the comments to the message in the network, fans share their impressions of the outfits of the actress. They disagreed, some peppered Dorofeeva compliments, while others noted the absurdity of new images. There were those, to whom these images of the recalled costumes from famous films and computer games:

Дорофеева озадачила "мусорным" нарядом: "Красива даже в таком ужасном наряде"

“Awesome! 👏 ❤ This😍”, “cool!”, “Nice suit)”, “Live XX”, “First photo looks like a scene from some movie in the style of Resident Evil”, “Nadia, you’re just a character from mortal Kombat 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥👍”, “This mortal Kombat?”, “Very very🔥coolness of this style rolls👌😎”, “Nadia you are so beautiful that any crap can sell under the guise of fashion”.

Дорофеева озадачила "мусорным" нарядом: "Красива даже в таком ужасном наряде"

Some drew attention to the excessive thinness Dorofeeva and expressed their concern over her appearance:

“Without tears will not look. Feed her…”, “Men like meat, not bones😂👌”, “why on the last photo you have a bag or is this fashion?”, “God what do you thin…”, “the Belly is clear that photoshop”, “the Horror. Wouldn’t put. Is it not possible to do something normal”, “Collection sucks. Nadya, something did not eat up 😢 Waiting for new images”, “Nightmare 🙈”, “What kind of garbage bag in the last photo”.

Дорофеева озадачила "мусорным" нарядом: "Красива даже в таком ужасном наряде"

Also earlier it was reported that the singer Nadia Dorofeeva with her husband Vladimir Dantes rest in Holland.

At first, a couple of friends went to Amsterdam where literally showered with romantic photos and video of his fans. Nadia and Vova showed their breakfasts, walking, partying, loving looks… Later, the singer and the blogger went to Paris, where he met with Potap and Nastia Kamenskih, and also with Lilia Podkopayeva and her fiance.

In the French capital, the pair also continued to relax and have fun: explore the city, go to cafes etc And recently Nadia Dorofeeva rode my scooter right on the square near the Eiffel tower. That rushed to capture the memory.

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