Dorofeeva in ripped jeans stunned new image: “stuck Out his tongue and…”

Дорофеева в рваных джинсах ошеломила новым имиджем: "Высунула язык и..."

The soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva “dumped” in the new photo, which is presented to everyone, the spicy way

This time on his page in social network Instagram the star posted a series of pictures of her posing in the usual bold and even “rebellious” manner, and not in a pretty and modest, writes Politeka.

Дорофеева в рваных джинсах ошеломила новым имиджем: "Высунула язык и..."

As you know, not so long ago, Hope Dorofeeva and Positive literally conquered the Palace of Sports in Kiev. Stars for a very long time preparing a new entry called VISLOVO, the artists, their producers, Directors and all who helped to prepare, very long awaited performances.

And this Nadia presented a series of photos, which posed in a new image.

For her casual look, she chose flared jeans with ripped trousers on the knees and bottom. A high rise, a darker material on the sides and a versatile ankle-length make you look slim and add audacity.

Fans did not remain indifferent and began immediately comment presents a stylish image of the singer.

Also earlier the girl said that she never posted a vlog for two months, but decided to correct this mistake and finally prepared an interesting material for fans:

“Guys , vloga was gone for 2 months . Sori, you know what I ay, but we are very much prepared for the “VISLOVO” 🙏 AND a brand new vlog is already on the channel . In a vlog one day of my life and top 7 habits ☝ ” – said Nadia with a new post.

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Дорофеева в рваных джинсах ошеломила новым имиджем: "Высунула язык и..."Дорофеева в рваных джинсах ошеломила новым имиджем: "Высунула язык и..."Дорофеева в рваных джинсах ошеломила новым имиджем: "Высунула язык и..."

Earlier Dances also openly talked about how he Dorofeeva co-exist and how to build relationships. “Jealousy is no maximum. Through our relationship, our love, no, I have not glued, no one wants me to discourage Nadia Dorofeeva.

It is clear that Nadia write, even send pictures of an intimate nature. But as the other girls, she did not give no car, no apartment. Once she had wanted to give the iPhone. I immediately called and told. It’s a one-man innocence,” — said Dantes.

Dantes revealed the secret of their relationship: like all others, they fight, however, found a way to put up the easy way:

“Arguing with Nadia. It is very hard. Now just talking. Before went to the bathroom, shouting, screaming, breaking dishes, slamming doors. Now — normal, appropriate conversation, stated that people are not satisfied, paused, had sex and made up,” reveals the details of his personal life showman.

Recall that Dantes was framed Dorofeeva: showed the most intimate

As reported Politeka, Dorofeeva surprised in a new way

Also Politeka wrote that Dorofeeva showed a figure in one the top