Dorofeeva has recently introduced a new “little joy” from Dantes: “I’m so happy!”

Дорофеева похвасталась новой "маленькой радостью" от Дантеса: "Я так счастлива!"

Nadia Dorofeeva touching congratulated her husband Vladimir Dantes with an extremely important event in the life of

This writes Рoliteka with reference to Instagram stars. Dorofeeva showed how appreciative her husband and believes that the new clip Dantes, which she showed to the General public will be a real hit.

After a long break in his artistic life Dantes released a song and video with reference to his own hit “I’m 20”. “You’re 30 now” will be a hit, convinced the soloist of “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva:

“I’m so happy! @vladimirdantes — you sing! With the premiere of love! “—shared his joy Dorofeeva. Bright work has attracted the attention of both fans of the singer and Dantes — that perhaps the couple had hoped.

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I’m so happy ! @vladimirdantes — you sing again! ♥ This with the premiere , love! The link to the clip in the description of the profile and stories … @leokolos @thejerryheil

A post shared by nadyadorofeeva (@nadyadorofeeva) on Oct 10, 2019 at 1:25am PDT

We also recall the famous Ukrainian singer in the so-called stories on his page on Instagram published a picture, which shows a slender figure. Photo Nadia Dorofeeva emblazoned in the Elevator, she’s in sweat pants bright colors and dark top – a typical selfie has caused fans a lot of excitement:

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“Ask me a question: what’s your weight. 50 lbs”, – signed photo of the performer.

Thin as a feather Dorofeeva decided its own mini-post to respond immediately to many questions addressed to her about the weight, according to the singer, it is very often asked, how much it weighs.

Recall also that in one of the broadcasts of the show “the Voice. Children” of the Ukrainian singer and then one of the star mentors of the project Nadia Dorofeeva burst into tears after the speech of the members of your team.

So, the girl and her close friend and part-time colleague in the group of Alexei Zavgorodnev had to say goodbye to two players. Video posted on the official Youtube channel of the show.

“I can’t stop crying. Such voices are few”, – emotionally commented on the incident Nadia.

Дорофеева похвасталась новой "маленькой радостью" от Дантеса: "Я так счастлива!"

It is also worth noting that Alex was no less moved and surprised – the artist simply did not hold back the tears. Emotional outburst of the singer and of the singer was caused by Mr. Alexander Sazanishvili, Maxim Komisarczuk and Mary Nagelneu.

Here’s what users wrote about ether under the post Nadia in one of social networks: “the Team Time and Glass the best among all!!! Sure you will win!!!”” “Thank You that has created that atmosphere”” “Thank you for the sincerity, Love and positivity .You are the best and our team is the winner”” “Nagy, you fit there”.

Recall that Dantes was framed Dorofeeva: showed the most intimate

As reported Politeka, Dorofeeva surprised in a new way

Also Politeka wrote that Dorofeeva showed a figure in one the top