Dorenko has published a controversial post about Russia on the eve of death: “Need to finish”

Доренко опубликовал скандальный пост о России накануне гибели: «Надо кончать»

Anchorman Sergei Dorenko was dissatisfied with the hysteria that played out in the media after the tragedy with the plane in the “Sheremetyevo”

Crashed in a terrible accident Sergei Dorenko on the eve tried to understand the causes of the crash.

59-year-old Dorenko published in his telegrams-channel “Defrocked” scandalous post where I started to think about the incident a terrible tragedy. He was unhappy due to the fact that around the burned plane was a terrible fuss, calling it “unfair”.

Доренко опубликовал скандальный пост о России накануне гибели: «Надо кончать»

He noted that in the first hours after the tragedy there was a lot of confusion, and now “confusion must stop”.

The journalist called on all the circumstances of the accident “sort through”. “We need an objective assessment of what happened in the Sheremetyevo. We all need dry facts, strong causal relationships, the truth about random or systemic errors”, – expressed his opinion of the controversial reporter.

But, according to him, all that rational just yet. But instead of emotions, hysteria, “an attempt to soak someone’s head in the toilet and fucking rat race”.

“Now we have to figure out why the plane crashed and who is really to blame,” spoke Dorenko.

He also said that citizens need transparent and clear information from the Commission, which will investigate the circumstances of the tragedy.

“Unfortunately, now, during the creation of the Commission there is a lot of mistrust. I see cunning and impudent trick, I start the Commission not to believe. For example, it is very strange that representatives of the company “Sukhoi Civil aircraft” became part of the Commission. There was breaking and entering the Aeroflot. This here is why?

In fact, it is the participation of stakeholders in the independent investigation. This collapse investigation initially. You don’t take us for idiots? Stop playing a shell game, it, damn you took about the credibility of our aircraft. Dry and Aeroflot, stop to protect their Asses, destroy the system, destroy all and fall. You’re not in your own farm? Try to play honest?” – urged the authorities to Sergey Dorenko.

Доренко опубликовал скандальный пост о России накануне гибели: «Надо кончать»

He stressed that the Commission should be fully independent from all potential perpetrators of the tragedy.

“We should finally get an honest answer about what happened to Sheremetyevo with our aircraft Sukhoi Superjet. We have the right to know” – concluded the journalist.

As we already informed, Sergey Dorenko died may 9, shipwrecked in a terrible accident. He was riding on his motorcycle, suddenly felt ill and could not cope with the vehicle.

The doctors fought for the life of a famous TV host, but nothing to help him failed.

Recall that Sheremetyevo has cancelled flight one “Superjet”: “panic”.

As reported Politeka, after the tragic death of Sergei Dorenko caught on camera: “flying obliquely”.

Politeka also wrote that the plane was shattered: there were only separate parts, the first details and photos of emergency.