A couple of years met. Fell in love with each other. A young man proposed to her and remained unanswered — she had to think about in order to give consent. Something kept, and she didn’t understand what it is. It probably seems old-fashioned, but Ala was saving herself for favourites. Luckily, beloved was.

One day a friend invited her to a fortune, so the girl was able to make the right decision.

— He will love you forever, but never kiss him in the neck, otherwise… — croaked the fortune teller.

“Otherwise” what?

The answer Ala has not received. A fortune-teller had a heart attack, she died.

The case, of course, is not pleasant, but the attack is not a predictable thing. A few months later the girl married someone you loved with all my heart.

First wedding night. He gently kisses her, and she in a fit of passion, contrary to the prediction, kissing his neck. The young man instantly turns into a Labrador. Yelp of surprise, the girl pushes him away, and she shrank back into the corner of the bed. The dog flies into the corner, and then, tail waving slowly goes to her.

She is shaking from fear. Already came close. Trying to lick your face. Understands that friendly, but repels the dog. For a long time may never recover from the incident. The only thing can do now is to pull the dog behind the ear, which makes. He is happy, but that’s not what he needs right now.

Place the dog identified on the rug beside the bed. The Labrador reluctantly resigned to his fate, finally realized what had happened. Now eat from the bowl. Al loved his dog reciprocated. A few years passed with a dog on a leash, regretting that it was not the wedding night. Neighbors admired the dog, and then asked me where he was. Ala was silent.

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“Apparently the fortune teller was right. Why I just kissed his neck?”

One night, when she slept, the Labrador jumped on her bed and began to lick her face. Ale had a dream that was nothing like this and now, darling kisses her. Not waking up, the girl kissed the dog on the lips. He opened his eyes, and before her no longer a dog, but a gentle, affectionate husband, who once kissed on the neck.

Maybe it’s like a fairy tale, which is hard to believe, but that’s with Alya it all happened really.

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