Don’t need to do the homework with your child: advice for psychologists

Every night you spend hours for lessons. You know exactly what he was asked, prepare presentations, and make crafts when he’s asleep. Parents are always reasons why they help children with homework. But psychologists believe otherwise and here are 5 strong arguments why this should not be.

Не потрібно робити уроки разом із дитиною: поради психологів

The school is the responsibility of the child

Parents have long finished school. Now children learn. School is the area of their responsibility. Even if we are talking about pervoklassnik, informs Rus.Media.

However, no matter what class the student studied, the beginning of the school year – it’s time to stop thinking of him as a baby and to delegate to him the right to collect a backpack and doing homework.

Of course, the first time possible and twos, and comments. But sooner or later the student will understand that he is learning itself, and not the mother or grandmother.

Training – not a lifetime. Take care of your nerves

How many family dramas going through training. Adults and children almost to the age I remember how mom or dad stayed with them till night over the math…

But school is only one stage in life. And she should not come between parents and children. If all eleven years of standing over the child, then he does not instill interest in knowledge. So you can only discourage children the desire to learn and to ruin a relationship with them.

You bring up irresponsible contractor

Total control over the homework will help to grow a dependent personality, which makes all the orders, which is easy to manipulate. Such a child will be a good performer, but learn to make decisions and take responsibility. Including – and for the unlearned lesson.

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This is a very important learning moment when the child is not prepared, got an f, and draw the appropriate conclusions. Not to do someone’s homework for them does not mean completely eliminated. You can check made, and you need help to understand complex issues. Then – let him be.

Otherwise, the child will never learn to solve problems and write essays. A deuce – only evaluation, often subjective. Still important not assessment and knowledge. You can walk to the museums, exhibitions, buy Board games, which will show what knowledge he lacks, and bring up a desire to learn new things.

Better a child to learn to manage time and workload

Modern children often develop a complex relationship with time. They “can’t feel” – because the schedule is drawn up by teachers and parents. Adult and see to it it was executed. As a result, the child is working on lessons of the night because they are raised too much, and because I do not know how to allocate time.

The help of the parents in this case – a disservice. Are they ready at the Institute to write their child’s essays, term papers, diploma? Because there is too much to ask.

The child learned how to do the lessons, we need not naglyadu parents, a table, a chair and an alarm clock. For homework in each subject is given no more than half an hour. Did not – still goes to the next job. So the student will learn to allocate time.

If this problem occurs, the whole class, then you need to contact the class teacher, and perhaps even to the Director to reconsider the load.

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You will save time for yourself

When the child makes her own lessons, families have a lot of free time. Surely they will find something to spend a couple of hours, which previously were carried out over the notebooks.

Over time, with proper organization of the homework free evenings and the student. And there will be time for walks. But talk on the topic “have You done your homework?” will remain in the past.

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