Donetsk militants disgraced new “exploit” on the Playground: “Biba and Boba”

Донецкие боевики опозорились новым «подвигом» на детской площадке: «Биба и Боба»

In the Internet ridiculed militants from the occupied Donbass, which “captured” the Playground

Appropriate post posted blogger “Fascists Donetsk” on his Twitter page.

“Give a name to the photo,” — said in the message.

The published photo shows militants who throughout the ammunition decided to take a ride on the swings. This was the reason for caustic comments from the users of the network.

“Biba and Bob”, “cargo 200 assembled”, “the instant before the Darwin awards”, “a second before a happy coincidence, news of Primatology”, “roosters on the roost,” “two a slave! Who’s taking?”, “fertilizer for the seesaw”, “monkeys released”, “team “DNR” autism” ” We with Tamara go a couple,” they write.

As previously reported, the aircraft of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation, which are directly subordinated to President Vladimir Putin, launched an airstrike in Idlib province, located in the North-West of the Syrian Republic.

According to journalists, the cynical result of an air strike killed five civilians. It is known that Putin’s aircraft before the attack took to the air from the base of “Hamim” in the province of Lazkiye (Syria), which is controlled by the government forces of Bashar al-Assad.

As told sources in the Office of civil defense of Syria (the movement of the “White Helmets”), Russian planes carried out air strikes on civilian villages Kawkaba and El-Faqih in the South of Idlib and the village Amkie in the West of the province of Hama.

It should also be recalled that the region, which was cynically shelled by aircraft of VC of the Russian Federation, located in the demilitarized zone, the establishment of which in the autumn of 2018 was agreed by the presidents of Turkey and Russia.

Донецкие боевики опозорились новым «подвигом» на детской площадке: «Биба и Боба»

Recall that the Ukrainian military in OOS destroyed the next traitor of Ukraine.

It was also reported that APU received the latest weapons.

Even Politeka wrote that mercenaries from Russia, while in Syria, buy my women.