“Donbass is Ukraine!”: Zelensky have responded harshly to Putin to issue Russian passports

«Донбасс – это Украина!»: У Зеленского жестко ответили Путину на выдачу российских паспортов

Elected Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky responded to the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin handing out passports in the occupied Donbas

This is stated on the page “Team Zelensky” in the Telegram.

“The position of the team of Vladimir Zelensky on the issuing of Russian passports to citizens of Ukraine! Decree on the issuing of Russian passports to citizens of Ukraine who are temporarily beyond the control of our state territories, the Russian Federation has recognized its responsibility as a state-occupier. These actions are another clear proof for the world community the true role of Russia as an aggressor state, leading a war against Ukraine. Unfortunately, this decree does not bring us closer to the solution of the main goal of ceasefire”, — stated in the message.

«Донбасс – это Украина!»: У Зеленского жестко ответили Путину на выдачу российских паспортов

Also Zelensky said that going to do to counter Putin.

“Despite this, Ukraine will do everything in her power to protect, to provide adequate assistance and to ensure the rights of its citizens, who are forced to reside in the occupied territories. Ukraine also counts on the support of the international community in the protection of the interests, rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens in the temporarily occupied territories, and hopes to strengthen diplomatic and sanctions pressure on Russia”, — underlined in the message.

One of the priorities of Vladimir Zelensky, specifies the text that will be the decision of the vital problems of life of immigrants and empowerment to maintain the relationships with the citizens of Ukraine in the occupied territories, a complex of measures to stop the war and the de-occupation of our territories.

As previously reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on simplified procedure of obtaining Russian citizenship for residents of the “L/DNR”. The document stipulates that applications for citizenship from residents of the breakaway republics should be considered longer than three months.

The decree comes into force from the date of publication.

Putin received the right to grant citizenship under the simplified scheme after the amendments to the law on citizenship of the Russian Federation. They came into force at the end of March.

Application for obtaining citizenship in the General order are considered to years, in a simplified manner — from three to six months.

2017 at the introduction into citizenship of Russia it is necessary to take the oath.

Note for the 2017-2018 so-called “Migration service, Ministry of internal Affairs of DNR” issued “passports” about 2 thousand foreign nationals. And here already the question arises – why them the documents, which documents are not, and nowhere, except in occupied territory, is guaranteed to not be useful?

«Донбасс – это Украина!»: У Зеленского жестко ответили Путину на выдачу российских паспортов

Recall that thousands of Ukrainians will be left without citizenship.

We also wrote that Russia invites Ukrainians in all ways.

Even politeka reported that Zelensky has explained the need for dual citizenship.