Donald trump after APEC is preparing for the official visit to China

The President of the United States, Donald trump intends to travel to Hanoi. In the framework of the official visit, the politician will hold several meetings with the government of China.

The press office staff the White house announced that Donald trump will travel to Hanoi immediately after the APEC summit. In the framework of the planned official visit, Mr trump intends to hold several business meetings with representatives of the government of China. He planned a visit to the head of the Vietnam Tea Let Kuang. Will not remain without attention of the American President and Prime Minister along with the leader of the Communist party of the country.

In the process of negotiating Donald trump will address the issues of further cooperation between States in the field of science, Economics. The final successful agreement will be the adoption of the universal Declaration resolved regarding interstate issues. Donald trump is in favour of continued close cooperation with Vietnam, as this interaction depends on the further development of the economy and favorable solution to many social issues.

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