Dollar dives: the exchange rate of the national Bank and in exchange

Доллар пикирует: курс валют от Нацбанка и в обменниках

The exchange rate in Ukraine of 25 April 2019: the dollar depreciates in exchange, the Euro fell below the psychological level of

The Euro went into a nosedive, dropping below the psychological level of 30 hryvnia. The dollar was clearly committed to the reduction, starting Monday. On Thursday 25 April, the national Bank again lowered the exchange rate in Ukraine by setting it to the next level:

$ 100 — 2659.4202 hryvnia;

100 Euro 2980.9441 UAH;

10 rubles — 4.1567 hryvnia.

In comparison with yesterday, the dollar has lost 9 cents, down to 26.59 UAH. The Euro has fallen by 21 kopecks. The ruble also fell.

On the interbank market regulator had to intervene in the course of trading in and out with the purchase of dollars to save the American currency from final collapse. Quotes by end of day on the interbank market, however, grew thanks to the efforts of speculators to of 26.64/26.67 hryvnia for 1 dollar. The Euro practically did not budge from the morning quotes.

Exchange rates in Ukraine in the exchange continues to fall. Cash dollar fell by 13 kopecks in obmenkah it was possible to buy for of 26.75, sell it for 26.68 USD.

We will remind, it became known that Zelensky will do with the currency.

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