Dogs dressed to close Desbiens Far

1218626To end a high-color edition, where the novelty was the rendezvous, the festival Desbiens extreme VII had invited the population on De Quen which hosted a disguised dog show. The festival ended Sunday afternoon.

In all, 19 dogs of all breeds took part in what organizers described as the first show of its kind in the world.

“Children love dogs and parades. So we decided to do this event. It’s nice to dogs too, since they can go walking! “Said the mayor of the municipality, Nicolas Martel.

You could see everything in this procession as small dogs than large. They are dressed as cowboys, diver, Minnie Mouse or simply bathing suit with a towel around his neck, the animals are dressed in their finery to impress the jury.

Indeed, in addition to regale the spectators, families and their dog participant had a chance to win prizes for participation and cutest won a trophy.

According to Mr. Martel, this is a great way to end the festival, which vibrates the town of Desbiens since June 21 “We had activities that were addressed to all people, it was more for families,” he says.

This was the first edition of the show, but certainly not the last, if one believes Nicolas Martel. “It is certain that it will evolve over time, as people love their dog and it’s a nice way to show them. ”

It was not the only novelty of the festival, since citizens were able to participate for the first time at the biggest musical chairs in the world, in extreme bingo, the bike ride around Lake Saint-Jean and Xshine project among others.

“Our festival is really to bring novelty. That brings some problems, because as it is the first time we did most of the activities it is always a little more complex, “said Mr. Martel.

However, the game is worth the candle, and the mayor is very satisfied with this year’s festival Desbiens extreme. “It was incredible traffic that we had this week and the fun people have had to be here. people’s comments were “wow” and “super”! The aim of our festival, it really is that people have fun, “says the mayor.

Furthermore, some activities will return next year, given their success with the public, including musical chairs, which mobilized about 350 people Saturday.

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