Doghunters harshly punish the dog’s owner: “right in the throat”

Догхантершу жестко наказал владелец собаки: «прямо в горло»

Geoderma tracked down the owner of the deceased dog and brutally murdered her

In the Russian city of St. Petersburg 26-year-old Anastasia has decided on its own to deal with stray dogs.

The gas chamber near the metro station “Spasskaya” scattered pieces of poisoned meat. As a result of its “productive” work in terrible agony died not only stray dogs but also Pets, Russian media reported.

Догхантершу жестко наказал владелец собаки: «прямо в горло»

One of the lovers who lost his four-legged pet, tracked down doghunters.

He saw the girl did not hesitate, throwing a treat with poison in exactly where he’s always walking her dog.

Furious, the man ran to doghunters between them verbal sparring was started. Then the dog-man drew the poison from the hands of Anastasia, and with all the strength pushed her poisonous pieces right in the throat.

Then the man left, and the venomous animals caused “ambulance”. The girl was rescued, having her stomach pumped. Now she’s in the hospital. The police to fear, because she can get serious punishment for animal cruelty. In Russia under the new law, she could face three years in prison.

As previously reported, Kyiv’s notorious flayer Alexei Svyatogor after the next court hearing was beaten, apparently, fans of defenseless animals.

The incident happened near capital metro station “Lukyanivska”. The band is snapped is unknown, who began to beat him over the head with a heavy object. Stunning flayer, he was knocked down, and already I can beat without going – through body and limbs.

Beating murderer, unknown left. The victim called paramedics. It is reported that wounds on the head and face the paramedics he sewed up about an hour.

Догхантершу жестко наказал владелец собаки: «прямо в горло»

Recall that the case of the Kievan dog hunter Alexei Svyatogor has received a wide resonance in Ukraine. He’s not hiding, openly advocated cruelty to animals. Also his words do not disperse from business. Flayer poisoned dogs and documented it on social networks.

Last year in the Inbox of the dog hunter had laid a grenade.

Last summer, the band was detained by militiamen. His arrest was made the capital all the animal. Later they let him go home. It began litigation.

“In the hands of a serial killer living creature is the blood of about 2000 (TWO THOUSAND!!!!) homeless dogs. He himself has repeatedly admitted, showing off in front of the cameras. Including shooting from the balcony at the birds of the rifle with a telescopic sight,” – said the journalist Andrey Kapustin.

Recall that in Ukraine will toughen punishment for the knacker: “till 8 years of prison”.

As reported Politeka, the government banned the sale of animals in stores.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukrainians in 17 cities came to the defense of our brothers.