Dog with a big heart rescued a small Koala from death

The dog guiltily looked at her… And her hair is tightly pressed little Koala!

Собака з добрим серцем врятувала маленьку коалу від загибелі

A girl named Kerry McKinnon from Australia told the cutest story, the protagonist of which became her dog breed Golden Retriever named Asha, informs Rus.Media.

Once husband Kerry asked her to show something interesting. Intrigued she hurried to her husband – something in the beloved voice made her wary.

When Carrie came to call, she almost screamed in surprise! Her dog was sitting quietly on the veranda, but not one, and in pleasant company to her soft fur pressed closely little Koala.

Собака з добрим серцем врятувала маленьку коалу від загибелі

Asha was a little embarrassed, and her face expressed remorse – the kid still didn’t know whether to scold her owners, or praise? So just in case the dog bit her tail and looked at the owners of large, mournful eyes.

Kerry did not think to scold his vihovanec, after all, and didn’t do anything wrong – on the contrary, the Asha saved the animal.

Little Koala lost. She was part of the family, trying to find mom. If she hadn’t met lovable Asha, the baby would have died from the cold of the night…

The Koala was vital to warm up, and in the role of “warmer” with pleasure, made good Asha.

Of course, the little guest was scared to meet the man, but after a few minutes it is possible to wrap yourself in a warm blanket.

Собака з добрим серцем врятувала маленьку коалу від загибелі

Kerry was proud of his dog that saved the lives of animals! A lost Koala has given animal advocates. The cub is a little bigger and stronger and then it will be released into their natural habitat.

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