Doctors were stunned cause of death Dorenko: “Not connected with the accident”

Медики ошарашили причиной смерти Доренко: «Не связана с ДТП»

The motorcycle, which crashed Sergei Dorenko, he bought just two weeks ago

Well-known Russian journalist and TV presenter Sergei Dorenko was killed in an accident on 9 may in Moscow.

Dorenko on your two-wheeled vehicle “Triumph” went on Nikoloyamskaya street from Kursky railway station to Taganskaya square. Suddenly he became ill, he fell to his side and fell from the motorcycle.

Медики ошарашили причиной смерти Доренко: «Не связана с ДТП»

Doctors have reported that 59-year-old Dorenko died of natural causes, and his sudden death by accident is not connected.

The time of the tragedy with TV presenter caught on camera outdoor video surveillance. So, it is clear that the motorcycle is moving right in the rightmost lane, and then suddenly sharply turns left, crosses the two bands, goes into the oncoming lane and crashed into a chipper.

Russian media write that the reason of the journalist’s death could be a heart problem.

Doctors about an hour tried to rescue the victim, but was powerless. Dorenko died without regaining consciousness. Immediately after admission he was diagnosed with clinical death.

My second motorcycle – Triumph – Dorenko bought just two weeks ago.

Медики ошарашили причиной смерти Доренко: «Не связана с ДТП»

Meanwhile, became an instant spread rumors that the famous TV presenter “removed”.

Colleague Dorenko, Ksenia Sobchak in his Telegram channel said, chthon believe in conspiracy theories the death of Sergei Dorenko. Considers that the cause – fatal accident.

“Now be a mass of conspiracy theories, but somehow in this case I believe in a fatal accident,” wrote Sobchak.

We will add that before the fatal accident Dorenko condemned sensation, arranged around the crash of Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft at Sheremetyevo airport, which occurred on 5 may.

Медики ошарашили причиной смерти Доренко: «Не связана с ДТП»

He expressed displeasure that around the tragedy of too much of a fuss, threw a tantrum and an attempt “to soak someone’s head in the toilet”, while actually only need the bare facts and objective assessment.

Recall that after the tragic death of Sergei Dorenko caught on camera: “flying obliquely”.

As reported Politeka, Dorenko has published a controversial post about Russia on the eve of death: “Need to finish”.

Also Politeka wrote that Max Barskih broke the silence after the accident: “I used to…”.