Doctors told which fruit boosts the immune system : “rich in minerals”

Медики рассказали, какой фрукт повышает иммунитет : "богатый минералами"

For good health and wellbeing doctors recommend eating pears

It is known that the pear is one of the best products for losing weight, because its use for a long time retains a sense of satiety, the website Сlutch.

And all thanks to the high level of fibers in the composition of the fruit. They also strengthen the heart and improve the blood through them decreases the concentration of cholesterol in the body.

Медики рассказали, какой фрукт повышает иммунитет : "богатый минералами"

In addition, due to the presence of pectin in the composition of the pear, its presence in the diet has beneficial effects on the kidney and liver. Famous pear and rich mineral composition — in particular, high levels of iron, copper and vitamin C. the Latter, incidentally, is known for its ability to strengthen the immune system and to rejuvenate the body.

It is best to eat a pear either in raw or in roasted form. By the way, this fruit goes well with brie cheese.

Recall, scientists from the University of California (USA) called the female type of figure “pear” the most resistant to stress.

The experts figured it out thanks to a study conducted on rodents. Experts selected a group of mammals who were given fatty food. Next, the scientists monitored their health status.

In the end, the males have decreased testosterone and females — no. In the past it has fire protection that is on ovarian estrogen.

Thus, it was found women are more protected than men from the negative influence of dangerous factors, such as obesity.

It is noted that the fat in men accumulates on the waist and abdomen. In the first case, metabolic syndrome. Men have provoked resistance to insulin and type II diabetes. The stronger sex, suffering from obesity, in the main, with low libido and lack of energy. In addition, in men, reduced the power in the muscles.

Медики рассказали, какой фрукт повышает иммунитет : "богатый минералами"

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And in women, fat is collected in the buttocks and thighs and thus is “safe” for health. As a result, the type of shape “pear” is a defensive reaction to various adverse factors.

We will remind, urban anthropologists from Santa Barbara came to the conclusion that the female figure “hourglass” are the most attractive to men.

Researchers examined data on more than 12 thousand women, analyzing the influence of the ratio of waist, hips, and body mass index for their attractiveness.

The results showed that such women are more able to birth children. To accumulated fat beautiful sex revealed high levels of omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid. The last substance is very important for pregnancy and lactation.

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