Doctors told the Ukrainians about the poisonous plant, “causes burns”, how to protect yourself

Врачи рассказали украинцам о ядовитом растении: "вызывает ожоги", как уберечься

The effects from touching the plant is reversible, but it’s not out in the sun for some time

Throughout Ukraine it is possible to notice the plant — cow parsnip. The latter is poisonous and must be extremely careful.

Dermatologist Galina Menshchikova told about the peculiarities of this plant, reports the website of Health 24. According to her, earlier in the villages people used cow parsnip instead of cabbage, because its roots resembled the vegetable.

Врачи рассказали украинцам о ядовитом растении: "вызывает ожоги", как уберечься

In the wild there are edible species of this plant, which include: lobed, hairy and Siberian. You can only eat young leaves and stems, peeled.

Many argue that the broth from the leaves tastes like chicken.

Cow parsnip and other plants — primrose, white fraxinella, milkweed, sumac, sedge, nettle and Buttercup can cause photodiodearray (a type of photodermatosis). According to the specialist, in the human body is skin inflammation caused by increased skin sensitivity to the sun. Sensitivity to light increase the juices of plants.

Fotodermatit manifests itself in the form of blisters, redness and spots. Often the wounds resemble burns, caused by exposure to chemicals. Rarely a dermatitis revealed erosions and ulcers.

Recall, doctors are told what to do for burns from Hogweed. First of all, you should wash your hands, or another part of my body that touched a poisonous plant, soapy sponge under running water.

If Hogweed was in his eyes or mouth, rinse the sections in about 15-20 minutes.

Experts say that next you need to protect burned skin from direct sunlight, under cover of clothing and umbrellas. In addition, we are advised to not go out in daylight for about two or three days.

When the burn progresses, you can drink an antihistamine, and treating the affected areas with antiseptic. Next, people with burns is to use an ointment with provitamin B5 and apply a sterile gauze bandage.

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Врачи рассказали украинцам о ядовитом растении: "вызывает ожоги", как уберечься

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