Doctors told how to treat sore throat

Врачи рассказали, как правильно лечить боли в горле

For sore throat gargle is prescribed, but need to know how to do it properly

Practically all diseases of the oral cavity and pharynx in the complex regimens are assigned rinse. These procedures allow you to spend antiseptic treatment of the mucous membranes in the home. They also provide removal of irritation and mild pain relief. To achieve positive results, it is important to know how to properly gargle. It turns out, is not only the frequency but also the duration of each procedure.

Before considering the principles of performing the rinsing, you need to pay attention to the preparation of the solution. It needs to meet the following requirements:

Врачи рассказали, как правильно лечить боли в горле

1. The temperature is not below 37 degrees. A solution for rinsing you need to do warm or even slightly hot, but just enough not to get burned. Ideally, if the temperature of the liquid is the same as the body or slightly above.

2. Freshness. The solution is not to cook in advance and store in the refrigerator, otherwise it loses all its healing properties. Each new portion of medications should be as fresh.

In order to gargling brought the desired effect, should follow a few recommendations to physicians:

— It is not recommended to gargle immediately after eating or a few minutes before. It is better to rinse the throat for half an hour before meals or half an hour later. Otherwise, the procedure will not bring the desired result.

To the soaking solution penetrates into the affected tissues of the head during rinsing, you need to tilt back.

— No need to type too much treatment fluid in the mouth. Enough quantity of one’s throat.

— Gargle must be at least 30 seconds. This time is enough for the solution of well-washed throat. Then you need to spit out this portion and get a new one.

— The duration of the rinse — about 4-5 minutes. During this period, as a rule, use a glass of medicinal liquid.

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Врачи рассказали, как правильно лечить боли в горле

— To improve the irrigation of the tonsils and pharynx-to-reach areas need to pronounce the letter “S” rinse and pull it, like in the song.

—Gargle recommended at least 5 times a day.

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