Doctors told how to know a mentally healthy person: “These people are capable of…”

Врачи рассказали, как узнать психически здорового человека: "Такие люди способны..."

Mental disorders such people bypass the party

Psychotherapist Sergei Kistenev told who is mentally healthy person. As the doctor noted, is not the only one who has no mental illness, but one which has a positive perception. This person knows about my dreams, harmoniously functioning to achieve a common goal. Healthy perceive the realities of life.

People with a good mentality make decisions and take on responsibilities only those who are able to perform. Also healthy people have different kinds of interests, which gives them variety and happiness in life. They enjoy the holiday and get pleasure from the work.

Врачи рассказали, как узнать психически здорового человека: "Такие люди способны..."

There are several signs of a healthy person. The first type includes his ability to change his life.

Second, these people feel significant, worthy and important. And, thirdly, to solve their problems in most your own efforts and its own decisions.

Also mentally healthy tend to feel safe, they show understanding of the problems and motives of other people.

In addition, a person with a healthy psyche has a sense of responsibility and can accept and give love.

These people do not live in a dream world and exist in reality. They are emotionally Mature in their behavior and develop the ability to endure disappointment and trouble in their daily activities.

Plus a healthy person interested in a variety of themes and in General, live a balanced life at work and outside of it.

Recall, scientists at the University of Manchester found out what kind of food is threatened by depression or pathological depression.

In total 11 experiments, they found that there is a connection between depression and eating food that promotes inflammation.

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Врачи рассказали, как узнать психически здорового человека: "Такие люди способны..."

The study involved 100 thousand people aged from 16 to 72 years who wrote in the questionnaire, what diet they follow. Then everyone was assigned certain indices of inflammation, showing how much junk food is consumed in a regular diet.

In the end, the experiment showed that fans of fast food and other harmful foods often suffered from depression or similar symptoms.

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