Doctors told about the main threats for men after 40: how to stay healthy

Медики рассказали о главных угрозах для мужчин после 40: как сохранить здоровье

It turns out that men are not easier than women, to step forty, but from these diseases, you can protect yourself

The doctors, based on their observations noted that after age 40 men absolutely, just like women, face challenges in terms of health. Only diseases await their are not that more common in women.

In order to be ready for anything and be able to withstand any illness, doctors have shared with men of valuable information, describing the likely ailments and their emergency treatment.

Медики рассказали о главных угрозах для мужчин после 40: как сохранить здоровье

According to doctors, most commonly in men after 40 years face these disorders:

Heart attacks and strokes. In men often increases blood pressure, because anatomically male body has a larger volume of the vascular bed and blood than women. As you know, hypertension is one of the causes of strokes and can cause other diseases of the heart, leading to heart attacks.

Adenoma or cancer of the prostate. These diseases often develop in men of senior age of forty. Cause it can unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits, unhealthy diet, stress and so on.

Lung cancer or obstructive disease of the respiratory organ. In this case, the risk can be explained by the fact that the vast majority of men smoke, and from a young age. Also, on the health of the lungs can affect the harmful chemical substances, which is again more likely to choose men. So men need to regularly examine the lungs.

Metabolic syndromeaccompanied by obesity, hypertension, and leads to diabetes, impaired potency, strokes and heart attacks. Therefore overweight men, you should not.

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Медики рассказали о главных угрозах для мужчин после 40: как сохранить здоровье

There is another way — to start the prevention of the above diseases before you turn 40, in this case, you will see to it that in adulthood you are not bothered are the most common “male” diseases.

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