Doctors told about the dangerous errors in the treatment of the common cold

Врачи рассказали об опасных ошибках при лечении обычной простуды

Incorrect treatment of the common cold can lead to dangerous consequences in children and adults

Doctors said that even with a banal cold, you need to see a specialist. – Prescription of drugs may lead to complications.

According to the Ministry of health of Ukraine, approximately 170,000 Ukrainians every week, sick of acute respiratory diseases. Many people either let the disease “drift”, and referring to the doctors for complications.

Врачи рассказали об опасных ошибках при лечении обычной простуды

The TB doctors said that some of the drugs must be taken only in the first couple of days, then they’re harm, and uncontrolled use of antibiotics will definitely affect the body.

“We’re stuffed with chemical substances that enter the body through air, water and food. Why poison yourself with even more drugs that have toxic properties, is unacceptable,” — said the doctors.

In addition, they stressed that to him almost every day the number of patients who, after self-treatment received, complications, and the worst thing is that the parents themselves begin to give antibiotics to children.

“It happens that the chest pain and cough — this is not the beginning symptoms of the flu, and the first signs of tuberculosis. The biggest mistake — the wrong dosage of drugs, so the slightest indisposition it is better to consult your family doctor or pediatrician,” explain the doctors.

Врачи рассказали об опасных ошибках при лечении обычной простуды

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