Doctors told about the benefits of beer: “almost cure”

Медики рассказали о пользе пива: «почти лекарство»

Beer was healthy

Doctors say that drinking one glass of beer a day, man so you will ensure yourself a good health. According to scientists, beer in small amounts has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and will help to prevent the development of various diseases.

Experts from the University of Cambridge analyzed the data of more than two million healthy Britons, came to the conclusion that among that group of people who had consumed alcohol in small amounts, signs of diseases associated with the cardiovascular system had significantly less.

“From the point of view of biology, people who drink in moderation tend to have lower levels of inflammation or increased levels of good cholesterol. But some believe that these people are just on their own healthier and more socially connected, which leads to a decrease in the levels of various types of heart disease that is alcohol to anything”, — quotes the edition of the words of Dr. Stephen bell, who conducted the study.

Медики рассказали о пользе пива: «почти лекарство»

So, people who regularly consume beer in small doses, can avoid the development of stroke. But those who do not drink at all, according to the findings of scientists may suffer from angina, heart failure or heart attack and peripheral arterial disease.

However, getting rid of these diseases lies not only in the consumption of beer, doctors are advised to reconsider your diet.

Earlier, doctors at a hospital in the Vietnamese province of Quang tri have saved the life of a patient with severe poisoning, giving him 15 cans of beer.

Медики рассказали о пользе пива: «почти лекарство»

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48-year-old Nguyen van Nhat was dying, poisoned by methanol. The level in the blood men in 1119 times exceeded the permissible norm. The doctors decided to treat Ngata beer, which contains ethanol — an antidote for methanol. In Nguyen poured a total of five liters of intoxicating drink.

First the body was put the contents of three cans. And then every hour I added another one. After the 15th the banks Vietnamese regained consciousness.

Recall that nutritionists have called products that effect on people as drugs.

As reported Politeka, scientists call the products that ruin the mood: “it affects not only the stomach.”

Also Politeka wrote that popular products cause cancer, “Delicious, but dangerous.”