Doctors said there are three habits that kill eyes: “this is not a joke”

Врачи назвали три привычки, которые убивают глаза: «С этим не шутят»

Ophthalmologists called the main threat to vision

Every modern man sooner or later confronted with vision problems. Frequent diseases of the eye and the younger generation, because children now spend a lot of time for computers or smartphones, a detrimental effect on their eyesight. The researchers found out which three habits of just “put” your eyes.

The main threat to the eyes is the excessive time at the computer. And despite the fact that modern displays are not in danger of radiation, the eyes are exposed to strong impact.

Scientists predict that by 2050 nearly 5 billion people will have problems with vision it is through such loads.

Врачи назвали три привычки, которые убивают глаза: «С этим не шутят»

The fact that the focus of the eyes forget to blink as often. This leads to drying of the mucous membranes and increases eye fatigue. Level of vision may be reduced due to the lack of a break for the eyes.

Fatal vision is affected by ultraviolet light. The sun’s rays, Solarium threaten the development of premature cataracts. UV light can cause clouding of the lens of the eye.

Ignoring existing problems, for example, the initial degree of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, also has a positive effect for vision. People refuse to wear glasses. And eye strain causes more reduction of vision.

Врачи назвали три привычки, которые убивают глаза: «С этим не шутят»

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Recently we also wrote about the reasons that cause absolute and practical blindness: eye injuries complications associated with diabetes; cataracts; glaucoma trachoma; effects of leprosy.

In order to find out the cause, you need to know the kind of blindness, referred to. Because this word means a “bouquet” of different States. Treatment of blindness depends on the cause that caused it. To avoid such dire consequences, you watch your diet: it should definitely be a sufficient amount of vitamin A.

It can be obtained from foods such as, for example, carrots, pumpkin, meat and liver. Also, if you have any problems with eyes, immediately contact an ophthalmologist.

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