Doctors have suggested how to strengthen the immune system available product

Врачи подсказали, как укрепить иммунитет доступным продуктом

Red onion, aka Yalta or purple, has some excellent properties of bulb onions. It tastes sweeter and softer, so that’s the view of the bow is often used for salads.

1. Strengthens the immune system

Red onions contain high amounts of anthocyanins, which give it a distinctive color. These substances strengthen the immune system, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and help fight infections.

2. Lowers cholesterol

High cholesterol in the blood has a number of dangerous consequences, so you should use any method to reduce it. If the daily use of red onion, a couple of months the level of cholesterol in the body will drop 20 percent.

3. Has antiseptic properties

Due to its disinfectant properties, red onion, and white, able to act as an antiseptic for viral and bacterial diseases. In folk medicine, red onion is used for the treatment and prevention of worm infestation and the treatment of gum disease.

4. Normalizes metabolism

Red onion is rich in vitamins A, b, C and PP. This formula stimulates metabolism, promotes weight loss, rejuvenation of the skin and its healthy appearance.

5. Stimulates the digestive tract

Red onions contain acid, which is beneficial to the digestive tract. All those experiencing persistent pain in the stomach the chronic course of diseases, red onion shown to daily use.

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