Doctors have identified the most dangerous type of alcohol

Медики определили самый опасный вид алкоголя

Christmas holidays are approaching, accompanied by abundant feasts, in which not last place is withdrawn tasting alcoholic drinks: don’t overdo it

Experts have analyzed alcohol, and made a rating of the four most dangerous, writes Clutch.

First place: beer

Медики определили самый опасный вид алкоголя

What is most interesting — in small doses, this drink is not so harmful, but if consumed more than two cups — you can begin a serious problem with the liver. In addition, this type of alcohol causes very strong dependence. No wonder there is even a separate term “beer alcoholic”.

Second place: liquor

Sweet liqueur “cheating” feeling of self-control, so you can drink a lot, that pancreas will be a real blow. Also do not forget that liquor contains a large amount of sugar that threatens the rapid recruitment of extra pounds.

Third place: champagne

Медики определили самый опасный вид алкоголя

This alcoholic drink is very often causes problems with the liver and the stomach (sometimes causing serious poisoning). Therefore it should be consumed with extreme caution.

Fourth place: cocktails

As a rule, alcoholic cocktails too rich, and the reason for this high content of sugar in them. Therefore, their frequent use can easily cause obesity, simultaneously damaging the teeth and liver.

Earlier it was reported, in the walls of the Ukrainian Parliament, a bill designed to tighten control over the use of alcohol and cigarettes.

This was reported by a physician and head of the organization “Platform of Health” Otto rack.

“Many neural connections are formed at a young age. But nicotine and alcohol are psychoactive substances that affect the neurons directly, and the connections between them, that is their job,” he said.

Front also said that the fight against bad habits Ukrainians need to tighten.

“It is necessary to introduce tighter control over the sale of alcohol and tobacco to children! To introduce control over the prohibition of Smoking and consumption of alcohol in public places, to restrict the sale time, to create a social advertising against alcohol and tobacco” — he stressed.

As previously reported, the prices on tobacco products will increase due to the increase in excise taxes.

The Verkhovna Rada in the first reading supported the government’s decision of 9% to accelerate the growth of excise duties on cigarettes. Previously, the annual increase was 20%. Now offer to this figure was added the rate of inflation. The government say that this will replenish the state budget and reduce the number of smokers.

In Ukraine, the excise duties need to be lifted to the European level. The minimum excise duty should be at 90 euros per 1 thousand cigarettes. Because now in Poland is the cheapest pack of cigarettes costs 103 UAH, Ukraine — 25-27 UAH.

If the excise tax to raise inflation, then by 2024, the excise tax will grow by 125% to 112 euros. At the current rate is 3600 euros for 1 thousand cigarettes. At the same time refers to the rate of inflation no more than 2-3% per year after 2020. Thus, cigarettes can rise in price to UAH 100 per pack.

2019, the excise tax will be increased twice – in January and July. On average a pack of cigarettes with the filter will rise in price by RS 3.5. With the growth of wages, transport costs, devaluation of the hryvnia cigarettes may rise by 5 UAH. Next year a pack of cigarettes premium can rise from 43-45 UAH to 50 UAH.

We will remind, it became known why actually grow price: Ukrainians trapped.

As reported Politeka, archaeologists found an ancient burial ground, a pack of cigarettes with the filter: it will only confirm their suspicions.

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