Doctors have figured out how dinner affects men’s health from these products depends on everything

Медики выяснили, как ужин влияет на мужское здоровье: от этих продуктов зависит все

Experts have told how the men’s health depends on the dinner

A proper dinner can solve a lot of problems — it all depends on the products that a man uses it in the evening.

Doctors advise men to preserve male health and enhance potency to consume the “right” foods, especially the evening meal. Proper diet plays an important role to improve erections, it may be a decent alternative pharmacy aphrodisiacs.

Among these products, the experts in the first place put the buckwheat, which improves blood circulation, including in the male reproductive organs that increases the potency and erectile function.

Seafood and fish are also beneficial to men’s health. They increase testosterone production and enhance erection. Significantly improve sperm quality helps the grapes, it is especially important for those who are planning conception.

Медики выяснили, как ужин влияет на мужское здоровье: от этих продуктов зависит все

By the way, the nutritionists reported that the late dinner does not affect health and shape.

Researchers of food and food habits of Japan stated the myth about the dangers of a late meal. It turned out, the dinner shortly before bedtime in no way impairs human health.

All known rule to refrain from eating before going to sleep was a myth. As Japanese nutritionists claim, really late dinners do not have a negative impact on our health. Previously it was thought that this order of eating harmful due to the fact that the level of sugar in the blood does not have time to bounce back.

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Медики выяснили, как ужин влияет на мужское здоровье: от этих продуктов зависит все

Employees of the University of Okayama published data, experimentally disproving the conventional wisdom. It examined lifestyle and health status of about 1,600 volunteers. The experts traced the dinner time, sleep quality and the results of the blood volunteers.

While 16% of men and 8% women in the number of subjects did not follow the rule to eat no later than two hours before bedtime. The results, published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, suggests that such a regime did not change the sugar content and does not worsen the condition of “night feeders”.

Causes increase of sugar level in the blood is the instability of blood pressure, exercise and bad habits. You should also carefully approach the organization of the diet, avoiding the use of substandard products that harm the metabolism. If a person leads a healthy lifestyle and avoiding negative factors, a late dinner will not be able to influence his health and well-being.

Медики выяснили, как ужин влияет на мужское здоровье: от этих продуктов зависит все

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