Doctors have discovered the truth about the impact of carrots on vision

Врачи раскрыли правду о влиянии моркови на зрение

The doctors told whether the given miraculous effect on eye health, as is commonly believed

Many believe that you can improve eyesight and even learn to see in complete darkness if there are a lot of carrots.

“For eyesight, carrots are useful beta-carotene — a carotenoid, which is processed by the body into vitamin A, explains Michael Redmond (Michael Redmond), a researcher from the National eye Institute (USA). — This vitamin enables the production of protein opsins in cones and rhodopsin in the rods in the back of the eye. Cones are sensitive to daylight, and the rhodopsin — to dim”.

Врачи раскрыли правду о влиянии моркови на зрение

Vitamin a deficiency can lead to nyctalopia — visual disturbances, which lost the ability to see in twilight.

However, this does not mean you have to lean on carrots. Vitamin a is found not only in it. For example, sweet potato or leafy greens (spinach, Kale) it even more. In addition, one should not expect that carrots help to improve eyesight.

“Vitamin a is good for eyes, but this does not mean that he will fully heal your vision, says Rebecca Taylor (Rebecca Taylor), a representative of the American Academy of ophthalmology. — If you wear glasses or lenses, to abandon them will not work.”

There is another but. Vitamin a is a fat — soluble vitamin, so it must be ingested along with fat. Only then he fully understood. If you just eat a raw carrot, the body will not benefit.

For eye health Rebecca Taylor recommends cooking the spinach salad and crispy cabbage, sweet red pepper, almonds and carrots. These are all important sources of vitamins A, E and C needed for the eyes. If you fill a salad oil, fat-soluble vitamins A and E it is better absorbed. Still, you can add boiled eggs: they are useful and carotenoids, and fats. Also don’t forget there is a red fish: it contains zinc is also necessary for eye health.

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Врачи раскрыли правду о влиянии моркови на зрение

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