Doctors have called the most useful for immunity jams

Very good news for sweet lovers, has become the call of the doctors to be treated with jams. In particular, was named the 4 types of jam, with which it is possible to significantly strengthen the immune system.

In the first place in this ranking to be sea-buckthorn jam, which is very rich in vitamin C. sea Buckthorn berries contain the same volatile, which successfully fight against different pathogens.
On the second line utility is cranberry jam, which is especially useful for people with heart problems, as well as “weak stomach”. It is reported that the cranberry lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol in the blood and can prevent the occurrence of ulcers in the stomach.
Jam black chokeberry can help with race pressure, boost immunity and relieve stress. In the fourth place, the doctors gave plum a treat that is especially useful for thrombosis and is rich in vitamin P and also helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

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