Doctors found, how much Mandarin can you eat per day

Врачи установили, сколько мандарин можно съедать за день

Even so useful a product as the mandarins do not get carried away

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There are some limitations, which should adhere to.

“Specific rules do not exist, but there must be some common sense,” commented universal fanaticism of Mandarin in the winter time, the main non-staff nutritionist of the Department of health of Moscow Antonina Starodubova.

Before use, the mandarins should be well washed. Carriers often cover citrus chemicals for as long as possible preserved the appearance of the product. To recognize it, seeing a bright waxy Shine on the fruit and felt their stickiness. Such chemical solutions can cause quite a serious injury, especially if a person is fond of alcohol.

The expert drew attention to the fact that the use of Mandarin should focus on allergic episodes. So, if in the history of the disease had an allergic reaction to citrus fruits, the tangerine should be completely excluded from the diets in order to avoid future reactions.

“If the allergic reactions in the anamnesis were not, then the maximum per day you can eat 2-4 Mandarin, but to get to the level of a kilogram is not worth it,” said Starodubov.

Excessive tangerines can negatively affect the well-being of people who are prone to diseases of the stomach and duodenum. You should not eat citrus fruits and in gastritis, enteritis, colitis.

Врачи установили, сколько мандарин можно съедать за день

It should be noted about the use of one citrus pomelo. Citrus contains a large supply of dietary fiber, which help digestion and metabolism. In one pomelo contains an average of 10 gr. dietary fiber at a daily rate for women 25 grams.

One pomelo contains 371% of the daily value of vitamin C — a powerful natural water-soluble antioxidant that helps the body develop resistance to infectious diseases cancer and eliminates free radicals in the body. Another important specificity for women pomelo increases the acid level in the intimate area, which inhibits bacterial development. Vitamin C in these amounts not only improves the immune system, and supports collagen connection, a special protein in hair and skin. In addition, this fruit is a storehouse of copper and iron required for the formation of new blood cells.

Врачи установили, сколько мандарин можно съедать за день

Another element in the composition of the pomelo is high in magnesium, a mineral that is directly linked to improving the quality and duration of sleep.

Vitamin a is present here not in such enormous numbers as C, but the dose is sufficient to successively thicken the dermis to improve blood flow to the skin surface, which reduces the amount and “speed of development” of wrinkles. In addition, he seems to be repairing the structure of the epidermis to optimize the penetration of ultraviolet and to serve as a natural screen against harmful solar radiation. This helps to reduce pigmentation and to control sebum production which causes acne. A large percentage of fluid in pomelo keeps the scalp well hydrated, and in combination with vitamin C — “free” from bacteria, what helps get rid of dandruff and prevent hair loss.

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