Doctors found an innovative method of treatment of stuttering: “amazingly fast”

Врачи нашли инновационный способ лечения заикания: «удивительно быстро»

Scientists have discovered a new method for treatment of stuttering in people

For anybody not a secret that the stuttering is quite difficult to be treated. And treatment should be not only a therapist, but the therapist, according to Hyser.

Scientists from the UK came up with an unexpected new method of treatment of stuttering, and he has already passed clinical trials. People who have problems with stuttering, have a little brain stimulation with electric current. Thus they were able to improve the ease of communication without complex verbal training with a speech therapist.

Врачи нашли инновационный способ лечения заикания: «удивительно быстро»

Statistics show that stuttering is quite common in children. Approximately one child out of twenty passes that certain age when it starts to stutter. In most cases, this problem disappears itself, as the person develops. However, in adult life, one person out of a hundred the problem may remain. At the same time, stuttering, and color blindness are more prone to men than women.

Врачи нашли инновационный способ лечения заикания: «удивительно быстро»

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The primary therapy for stuttering – is sessions with speech therapists and psychologists, but it will last a long time. That is why scientists started thinking about another method of treatment of stuttering – faster. To do this, scientists took a stuttering “under control” with a technique known as a micropolarization.

Врачи нашли инновационный способ лечения заикания: «удивительно быстро»

Through electrodes attached to the temples and passed a weak current, it is virtually invisible to patients. Thus stimulated neurons in certain areas of the brain, it quickly allows you to create new neural pathways responsible for free speech. The weak discharge current is able to cure the stammer, and the new equipment with the transmission of a weak discharge current through the brain has shown its effectiveness.

Врачи нашли инновационный способ лечения заикания: «удивительно быстро»

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