Doctors dispelled the myth about known product: “do Not harm the waist, and helps to lose weight”

Медики развеяли миф об известном продукте: "Не вредит талии, а помогает похудеть"

Not only the pursuit of harmony is the reason for adding this product to your diet, except weight loss it has a number of advantages

Sesame seeds are not the most low-calorie product, because they belong to the genus of pancake and 100 g of seeds contains more than 560 kcal. But at the same time, doctors can’t call it “harmful” for the figures or for people who want to lose weight. On the contrary, even the sesame seeds help to lose weight or keep the waistline intact if excess pounds have its owner not.

People often neglect the advice of experts, but in the case of sesame seed — it is in vain.

Медики развеяли миф об известном продукте: "Не вредит талии, а помогает похудеть"

Consider the most useful properties of this product:

1. Cancer prevention. Scientists have proved that sesame has beneficial effects on the circulatory system of the body, the result of which provides a strong immune system and strong protection against cancer cells. If a person has discovered a predisposition to cancer, doctors recommend to consume sesame seeds.

2. Normal levels of cholesterol in the blood. Sesame seeds are enriched in oleic acid, which in turn can affect cholesterol cells. Thus superfluous cholesterol leaves the blood vessels and the blood, and necessary — will remain.

3. The health of bones and joints. In the seeds of sesame seeds rich in calcium and it is much faster absorbed than from milk and other calcium-rich food.

4. The improvement of blood composition, as well as prevention of iron deficiency anemia. Sesame contains iron, folic acid and other b vitamins, which contribute to the production of red blood cells and not only.

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5. Healthy skin, hair and nails. As sesame enough fat, its seeds have the ability to strengthen hair, improve skin status, to remove the irritation and moisturize it from the inside, and also take care of beauty of nails. People who regularly consume sesame seeds or sesame oil, don’t know of problems such as peeling or broken nails, fall out and not shiny hair, skin as sandpaper sheet, or too sore that even concealer doesn’t help, and so on.

6. Caring for the digestive tract. Sesame is especially beneficial for those with gastritis, ulcers and other inflammatory diseases.

Медики развеяли миф об известном продукте: "Не вредит талии, а помогает похудеть"

7. Normalization of metabolism and weight loss. Regardless of whether you have sesame seeds or drink the sesame oil and after a week the metabolism is considerably accelerated, and the extra inches on the waist will begin to “melt” in the eyes.

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