Doctor punished for slapping and verbally abused a patient

197813The emergency-Luc Philippe Lacroix, who practiced for 25 years at the Gatineau Hospital, has been found guilty by the Disciplinary Board of the College of Physicians of physically and verbally assaulting a suicidal patient suffering from HIV hepatitis C.

January 31, 2015, a patient, well-known health and social services, was presented to the emergency of the Gatineau Hospital. The woman suffers from mental health problems, is HIV, hepatitis C and has a drug user profile and alcohol.

That day, she said, feeling suicidal, drinking a bottle of vodka and have swallowed all his medication suddenly an hour before coming to the hospital. The patient loses consciousness in the waiting room and is brought into a room with an area for unstable patients.

After a moment, the patient will see the nurse on duty and asks her out. Wiping a refusal, the lady “out a handful of pills in his pants pocket before she swallows it,” it is written in the decision of the Disciplinary Board.


Dr. Lacroix then arrives on site and calls for the intervention of security agents. With the nurse, it brings the patient into his room and tried to calm her, but the woman is “very aggressive.” The lady must be seated by force on a stretcher. She tries to bite and take pills in trouser pockets.

During the procedure, Dr. Lacroix pulled the woman by the hair, he “gave a strong slap in the chest and slapped her after she had spat in her face.”

The emergency also insulted the patient. The exact words used by Dr. Lacroix vary according to witnesses, but are similar to words like “bitch” or “slut”.

Dr. Lacroix also threatened the woman “that she would not need to wish to end his life and that she would go to jail if he was infected by his lack of hepatitis or HIV “it is written in the decision.

After the incident, Dr. Lacroix went to see the nurse saying regret the outcome of surgery.

Dr. Lacroix pleaded not guilty. But the Disciplinary Council accepted the version of supervisors and condemns Dr. Lacroix. The award of the latter will be known soon.

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