Doctor-killer had injected poison patients: 656 dead, amazing details

Врач-убийца колола яд пациентам: 656 погибших, поражающие детали

656 deaths at a local hospital – the result of the negligence or cynical violence?

True, there was a commotion in the British town of Gaspar. As evidenced by the local police and residents, a doctor of the local clinic Jane Barton for many years, was given to patients of potent painkillers that killed them.

This is referred to in material the Internet resource 360tv.

So we know that the police in Gosport, Hampshire are investigating after the premature death of hundreds of patients in city military hospital. Business is conducted since 2003. At the moment, new details have become known.

Врач-убийца колола яд пациентам: 656 погибших, поражающие детали

The chief suspect in hundreds of deaths – Dr. Jane Barton, nicknamed doctor Opiate. She either became a witness or the culprit 656 deaths at the hospital in Hampshire between 1988 and 2000, say police in the region. After the appointment of Barton potent painkillers – died one after another:

“The families of those who suffered from the events in the hospital, Gosport, located in the centre of everything we do, and I hope that the news that we will now conduct a full investigation, it will be comforting for them”, — said the head of the investigative group Nick Downing.

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