“Do not mourn me, laugh me”

portees-pere-cendres-sarah-eve(Sherbrooke) Do not mourn me, laugh at me. This is the message that Sarah-Eve Fontaine launched by the voice of his relatives, all who had moved to the Saint-Michel Cathedral to pay their last tribute. And they were many. Some dressed in black as is the tradition. Many dressed in pink, the favorite color of the young woman of 21 years died last week. Even the priest had put a pink scarf as a sign of solidarity.

Driven by her father, Sarah-Eve ashes were welcomed by a guard of honor composed of firefighters, colleagues of the latter. Angel on the song, performed by Jacynthe Veronneau, the ashes were deposited by his mother at the altar.

“Live. Because that’s what she wanted and that’s what she proved to everyone. It is also what inspired it without knowing the people who crossed. Earthly life is fragile and stormy. Enjoy the fullness of times. Smile because it did so well. Smiles affect the right people at the center and replace know so many words. Celebrate, because she won all his battles. The life lessons left in its wake is a major accomplishment, “said his mother, Annie Lussier, reading the words of a friend.

The wish of the family was that everyone leaves the celebration with a heart. The celebration was meant joyful. Tears of love are still cast helped by the songs (Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, Vole Celine Dion) and the testimonies of his relatives.

His cousin Roxanne Fontaine promised to learn from his courage, his perseverance and strength.

“We often watched you climb huge mountains as if they were nothing. When we were little, you looked at me and told me you were bigger than me. I had you said no, you were younger and smaller. You told me to put myself in the knee and had concluded by looking me up you were larger. You were right. Already at that age, you were bigger than me. Because, actually, you had lived many things for your little young and you had kept your smile, “she said.

“We are proud of you were ambassador. Demonstration of your bravery and your optimism, “added his cousin highlighting the work that Sarah-Eve has done to raise awareness about organ donation and cystic fibrosis.

A wisdom history

The family friend and colleague Sonia Bolduc, there also went his tribute. “Every person here today has his own history with Sarah-Eve. There are plenty of stories of giggles, burping, dance, songs, tears, worries, betrayal and forgiveness, hope, life. My history with Sarah-Eve is one of wisdom, “she mentioned.

“Sarah-Eve was a young woman able to step back, to question, to think, to find from answers and accept not to understand everything,” chained Sonia Bolduc adding that before the death and fear it engenders, Sarah-Eve understood that anger against life was useless, it was wasted energy against himself and against his family.

Love sown on the Sarah-Eve passage was repeated in different words.

After the religious ceremony, everyone was invited to a cocktail party in the basement of the Cathedral in honor of Sarah-Eve. “She did not want buffet, cold buffets, it’s for the dead,” said his mother, smiling.

“I ask you one last favor, added it as a conclusion. Do not ask for help Sarah-Eve. She punchy out. She finally rests. Inspire yourself rather than its strength. ”

Its strength, like a little more heart. And laughter. To honor him.

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