Do I need to drink cold drinks in the heat

Нужно ли пить холодные напитки в жару

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In the heat we are looking for the best way to cool off. Cool drinks will help out in any situation, says “Lifehacker”. It is about them and will be discussed in this article.

4 reasons to drink cold drinks in the heat:

1. Will help to cool down when sweating is ineffective

Hot tea is a traditional beverage in countries with a hot climate. Popular and green, and black. It is proven that hot water increases the formation of sweat and eventually leads to effective cooling.

However, there are situations in which this mechanism does not work:

– At high humidity

If you are in conditions with high humidity, the evaporation of water from the surface of the skin is not intense enough for cooling.

When stopping clothes or cosmetics:

  • Your clothes no longer removes moisture from the skin if: the tissue structure is too dense, the smell of synthetic, clothing heavily contaminated by skin fat.
  • When the dress code requires you to wear tights in a hot office – it also interferes with cool. They cover about 55% of the body surface.
  • If your face, neck and neckline covered with a thick layer of makeup, it prevents the skin to effectively exchange moisture with the environment. Similarly, there are some cosmetic or medicinal products that when applied to the body creates a film. It closes skin pores and stops them from working. For example, petrolatum blocks the release of water skin by 99%.

In these cases, an icy drink to cool the body from the inside, even when the heat loss is then blocked.

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2. Faster quench your thirst

In the mouth has receptors cold. If it is hot and you drink cold, these receptors send positive impulses to the brain, followed by the feeling of comfort and pleasure. Drunk a portion is cooling, the temperature inside the body will decrease, and this will require less fluid than during the tea party. This is logical: to cool off, sweating heavily, you need to drink more.

3. Protect your heart, if you work or exercise in the heat

Heart in hot weather, working in the mode of increased load. Thirst and excessive drinking leads to the fact that the blood volume becomes greater than usual, and the heart has to work harder for pumping. In addition, while vasodilation increases the heat of their common lumen and the blood pressure decreases – this causes the heart to contract more frequently to provide oxygen to the tissues.

A study was conducted which measured the performance of healthy young adults under conditions of physical exertion in the heat of 35.5 °C. Those who drank water with crushed ice, showed better results than the participants who drank water at the same temperature, and the environment.

4. Will help to reduce the amount of fluid

For people having problems with the cardiovascular system, it may be essential. For example, some medications cause dry mouth, and a man tormented by constant thirst, and the doctor at the same time strictly limit the amount of fluid intake. Then sour drinks with ice, fruit ice or just ice cubes for sucking will help. to cope with the problem.

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