Do almost everything: habits that destroy our health years

Это делают почти все: привычки, разрушающие наше здоровье годами

Daily many of us are subjected to the health risk and not even know it

Paramedics called some habits, typical to almost everyone. These habits, according to experts, can gradually destroy a person health.

Это делают почти все: привычки, разрушающие наше здоровье годами

One of such habits is the use of plastic containers. Food stored in such containers, may absorb chemical substances, which are components of plastic. It is scientifically proven that these substances affect the hormonal system and reproductive health. It is especially dangerous to put in plastic containers of hot food.

What do you think when looking at in the mirror his reflection in the morning? Scientists believe that the use of the mirror for a critical assessment of appearance is very harmful – it is a blow to self-esteem, and with constant repetition can be seriously damaged psyche. Our brains are very impressionable, the researchers note. Must be able to see first and foremost their dignity.

Also harmful in the morning to get out of bed with negative thoughts. According to psychologists, thinking is an important factor in determining how people will react to different situations throughout the day. You need to learn to stock up on positive energy and appreciate his life for the good that is in it.

It is dangerous to skip meals – don’t do it, even if you want to lose weight. Thanks to regular, though, and reasonable meals in the body is governed by metabolism. Hungry pause encourage the body to store energy for future use, that is hard to accumulate fat.

Это делают почти все: привычки, разрушающие наше здоровье годами

Another common, but very harmful habit to use electronic gadgets in the evenings. Gadgets reduce the production of melatonin, the sleep regulating hormone. The result is trouble falling asleep and sleep quality. Scientists remind us that sleep problems can contribute to impaired immunity, to the development of heart disease.

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