Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko told the date of their wedding

Model Anastasia Kostenko called the wedding date with Dmitri Tarasov. Beauty hinted that the ex-husband of Olga Buzovoy the wedding will take place in mid-December.

Before Anastasia Kostenko intrigued his fans a hint of the mysterious event which she is waiting for. What should be the model said, and only said in his Instagram that will happen what she thinks is in the middle of December.
“After 36 days, finally going to happen what my thoughts the last 5 months? the Count went ?✅⏳”, – wrote in his post pretty.

First thought subscribers Nastya was the wedding of Dmitry Tarasov, with whom she according to the official version began to appear at the start of the year after a divorce footballer with the TV presenter Olga Buzova, and possibly much earlier. And the athlete unwittingly confirmed speculation of the Internet users.

Last night Kostenko led Tarasov to the musical “Anna Karenina.” After theatrical performances, the footballer posted in Stories of Instagram group selfie with his chosen. But fans of the athlete was not interested in how spends leisure time, the couple and a ring with an impressive stone at “the very” finger of the right hand Nasty.

The followers decided that Dmitri asked for the hand of his new lady, but the couple prefers to hide their engagement. A mysterious event, which should occur shortly before the anniversary of the divorce Tarasov Buzova, it is, according to fans of the couple, the wedding of football player and model.

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