Djibril Cissé speaks on the matter of the sex tape, the story he has “done evil” – Here

Djibril Cissé is still very marked by the case of the sextape. Now out of the question, he still felt the need to explain.

It is a story that has now lasted for two years… The so-called case of the sex tape broke out the big day in June 2015. Matthew Valbuena victim of blackmail, he had to pay a big sum of money not to see broadcast a video diary of his companion and him. A complaint is filed, the name of Karim Benzema and and Djibril Cissé appear in the folder.

The player who has recently resumed his career in Switzerland had been placed in custody and interviewed by the police. Quickly released, he had subsequently testified to several occasions its support to the victim. Matthieu Valbuena was also said to have confidence in his friend. A year and a half later, in February of last year, the investigation would have revealed new evidence incriminating against Djibril Cisse, who would have done much more than prevent his colleague footballer. Put in review, it has finally been cleared of all charges last June 12 during a confrontation with the master-singers who had said he had ” nothing to do in this story “.

Djibril Cisse may, therefore, again blow, and yet it remains very affected by this case. In an interview with The Team, he has entrusted on this subject, This story is ridiculous and she has done me wrong. “, he said. In fact, even if he was exonerated, the case of the sextape has yet to impact on some aspects of his career, ” Not a lot of companies, for example, with which I would have been able to work waiting to see how this will end “.

The footballer who is not retired say it again: “Me, I know exactly what I did, Mathieu said, and the two in question have also stated before the judge that I had done nothing except prevent a friend “, before adding : “If I had done something stupid, I would have assumed. Apart from preventing Mathieu and tell him to be careful, I don’t see what one can reproach me “. A priori, nothing more.

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