“Disperse out of the country and not to let…”: Zelensky showed the plan of the dissolution of Parliament

"Разогнать, из страны не выпускать и...": у Зеленского показали план роспуска Рады

Newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky decided to listen to the voice of the people and decide the fate of Parliament

On the YouTube channel “ze!The President” has posted a video petition “to Dismiss it is impossible to pardon” on an important problem of the Ukrainians. The representative of the team’s future head of state Ruslan Hanumak raised the issue of early dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada.

Showman said that the current composition of the Parliament supported just 4% of the population of Ukraine. According to the blogger, even this much. He suggested that now the Parliament is supported by only their own MPs or their relatives. To verify this, Ruslan Hanumak went to the streets of Kiev and asked the opinion of passers-by.

"Разогнать, из страны не выпускать и...": у Зеленского показали план роспуска Рады

So the first man agreed that the Parliament should be dissolved as insolvent. As proof, he brought one of the most pressing problems — potholes. Ukrainian stressed that they are even in front of the city administration.

Another Respondent also dissatisfied with the actions of the Verkhovna Rada: “Work is bad, therefore it is necessary to dissolve, and with a clean slate.” Two women strongly urged to reduce the Parliament, “at least half”. The majority of respondents do not want to wait until the fall, when the term of MPs ends officially. “People are dying, living on the street,” — said one of the residents. “What till the autumn to wait? While money NAP*zdyat? What are waiting for?”, protested the young man. “We need them all not that to dissolve, to disperse them from the country and not to release, that they were responsible for everything”.

According to Kiev, instead of in the Verkhovna Rada have come to the new and young faces. MPs need to be proactive and to want changes in the country and not to his own family.

"Разогнать, из страны не выпускать и...": у Зеленского показали план роспуска Рады

Ruslan Hanumak also explained how to work the video petition. If the movie with the discussion of the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada nabirat over a million views on YouTube — President-elect “will pay attention to it”. Votes for and against will be considered by likes and dislikes respectively.

Yesterday the newly elected President and his team appealed to the people using video in social networks. They invented a new way to solve the country’s problems and described how to respond to complaints.

“We first came up with this tool the authorities that will help to involve people in the solution of problems in the country”, — said Ruslan Hanumak. He urged Ukrainians to write about issues directly under the video. “Let the people on the streets Express their opinion. There is a problem in Ukraine that is bothering you — write it in the comments.” And a newly elected President Vladimi Zelensky has pledged to personally review the most popular questions.

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