Dismissal Klitschko: there was an emergency decision, no one had expected

Увольнение Кличко: появилось экстренное решение, такого не ожидал никто

The Ukrainian government has decided the fate of Vitali Klitschko, who has held the position of mayor of Kiev

This was stated press Secretary of the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman Basil Ryabchuk in Facebook.

“The issue of harmonization of dismissal of Vitali Klitschko discussed with members of the government. Decided that the current composition of the government considered it not to be,” he said.

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Posted by Vasya Ryabchuk on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

As previously reported, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko destroyed his political career rash act. So says journalist Vyacheslav was Cecile. On his page on Facebook he commented on a trip to the capital’s mayor in the United States and its desire to unite with the leader of “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko.

According to Vyacheslav was Cecile, in recent days, Vitali Klitschko with their attempts to escape from dismissal only exacerbated the situation. When Andrew Bogdan called on him to resign , the mayor could not resist and started to act. So the day before he went to new York, where he held talks with the local mayor Rudy Giuliani. Which part of the Union and another attorney of Donald trump. The blogger is confident that the Ukrainian official complained to an American colleague in the team of President Vladimir Zelensky.

“For the last three days Klitschko had to complain about Zelensky Giuliani and unite with Lyashko against the “green plague”. What an unfortunate suicide.”

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Users of the social network supported ironical statement of the author. Many Ukrainians also suggested that time Vitali Klitschko in power is rapidly coming to an end — it was doomed from the start.

“Resists, as you can”; “And the Germans, we have the presidency imposed — drastically lost respect for the Germans after that”; “the Suicide was when he decided to go into politics. Now it’s adventures of the living dead”; “you do not understand. This secret techniques of Thai Boxing in action)”; “not only that, the fool, and even sneak)”; “the boxer who is able to deal with a pitchfork — force”; “a New political force will be called “UDAR Klitschko, Lyashko”?”; “Spinning that much in the pan…”.

Увольнение Кличко: появилось экстренное решение, такого не ожидал никто

Recall, enraged Klitschko threw a tantrum because of the dismissal: “Mr. Bohdan, pass…”.

As reported Politeka, Lyashko and Klitschko declared themselves a couple: the scandalous video, “against Zelensky will use…”.

Also Politeka wrote that the new shame Klitschko got on a photo: “budget for the money…”.