Discovered “caches” of Putin, there the Golden mountains: “Citizens often see…”

Обнаружен «схрон» Путина, там золотые горы: «Горожане часто видят…»

Russian President Vladimir Putin got “the Golden mountains” abroad, which was recorded on his daughter

About it reports “Radio Freedom”.

“The investigation was conducted by the publication Time. Journalists managed to find a real estate agent Lauren Weber, which in 2012 struck a deal to buy a mansion with prospective son-in-law of Putin with Kirill Shamalov and daughter of the President of Russia Ekaterina Tikhonova”, — stated in the message.

Обнаружен «схрон» Путина, там золотые горы: «Горожане часто видят…»

According to Weber, it was personally a deal.

“The buyer is Shamalov, and seller – Gennady Timchenko, a businessman from the nearest environment of Vladimir Putin. Lauren Weber also said that last year called Shamalova and asked him about how to respond to the increased attention to the mansion from journalists, to which he asked the agent, “nothing to say”,- underlined in the message.

Later this information was confirmed by Deputy mayor Jocelyn Castled. In her words, “citizens often see them walking in the market.”

As previously reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again was in a ridiculous situation. My caustic comments were the visits of Vladimir Putin to former Soviet Union countries.

About this in his Facebook wrote blogger and political analyst Alexei holomuzki.

In particular, he suggested that Vladimir Putin’s visit to Dushanbe and Bishkek took a double. Alex golobutsky noticed that the Russian President, pictured with the President of Kyrgyzstan, is radically different from the one that strolled through the capital of Tajikistan.

“Putin yesterday in Bishkek and in Dushanbe today. Two Putin — and the suit was one on two?)) Today this suit is skin-tight, and yesterday hung around the carcass, and the pants drag on the ground,” laughs political consultant.

Обнаружен «схрон» Путина, там золотые горы: «Горожане часто видят…»

Recall that Putin is scared of scientists his new appearance: “the old man’s face floated”.

As reported Politeka, double Putin has angered Russians ridiculous reaction: “Bald dog”.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin infuriated the Russians a military solution: “Grandpa really bad.”