Discovered a new way to spy on Ukrainians, wielded by hackers: “under the threat of smartphone owners”

Обнаружен новый способ слежки за украинцами, орудуют хакеры: "под угрозой владельцы смартфонов"

SIM-cards smartphone found a dangerous vulnerability that threatens all users

Experts have discovered SIM card vulnerability that allows you to follow people. Experts told about the actual attacks on Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Although, as noted, hackers still on brands of user devices.

Staff AdaptiveMobile Security reported that over the past two years such attacks take place regularly.

Software SIMalliance Toolbox Browser ([email protected] Browser) fixed the weak spots. This app is built into most SIM cards used by mobile operators in about 30 countries. The program is designed for mobile operators to provide customers with a variety of basic services.

Обнаружен новый способ слежки за украинцами, орудуют хакеры: "под угрозой владельцы смартфонов"

[email protected] Browser contains a list of stack instructions, including send messages, launch browser, call settings, all local data trigger command and send settings which can be activated by the message.

Recall that in the world there are scams that without permission can hack someone else’s phone and find out all the hidden information of the individual. International IT company found out about this attack recently.

Ukrainians warned of the threat of receiving a message that cannot be opened, because criminals get personal information.

Earlier we wrote that experts have called several smartphone models that are very interesting for the consumer due to the ratio price-quality. Among them: Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 3.1 Nokia Plus Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone S10e Xr.

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Recall also that Vivo has introduced a smartphone Nex 3 which has a triple main camera. In addition, the gadget has a built extendable selfie camera and the so-called “screen-waterfall”.

Обнаружен новый способ слежки за украинцами, орудуют хакеры: "под угрозой владельцы смартфонов"

The screen size of the mobile — 6.89 inch, matrix — OLED screen ratio to the entire front panel of 99.6%.

It is known that the main chamber consists of several modules.

Also in the NEX 3 has no mechanical control keys (power + volume). Instead, they use virtual buttons with tactile feedback produced by vibratoria. Processor — Snapdragon 855+, the battery capacity of 4500 mAh battery with support for fast charging power 44 watts.

We will remind, Russia disgraced absurd accusation of Google and Facebook.

As reported Politeka, the crooks “got” in smartphones Ukrainians received access to everything.

Politeka also wrote that social networks cause adverse health.