Discover the secrets of creating a “slow” video on any smartphone

On the Internet you can often find videos that are filmed “fast mode”: the clouds are moving fast across the sky, a lot of cars moving on roads, the sun slowly to sit down. Or “slow” commercials, which is slowly flying birds, blooming plants. It may seem that it’s complicated, but to make such a movie everyone can.

In the first case the effect is called the second timelaps and slow motion. For the creation of a movie requires a gadget with a good camera and settings. Sometimes it is necessary to use a tripod, external battery and additional memory source. Do not forget to install on your smartphone to flight mode. Need this shit to calls did not prevent entry.

To create a video in timelaps, you need to deal with the shooting settings and set the interval shooting. The most suitable are considered as intervals of 1, 3 and 5 seconds.

Video for slow motion is just as important settings. In some smartphones the required item is “Slow” and helps to immediately see the result.

In addition to the built-in apps in your smartphone such videos can be created and with the help of installation.

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