Disclosed the truth about the USA landing on the moon: found the original video of “Apollo-11”

Раскрыта правда о высадке США на Луну: обнаружен оригинал видео "Аполлона-11"

The disappearance of the original footage of the landing on the moon in due time gave birth to many conspiracy theories, in particular, that the American astronauts from the spaceship “Apollo-11” actually never been in space, and “adventure” on the moon filmed in the halls of Hollywood

But decades later the incredible happened: in Los Angeles, the American Gary George, a former Intern NASA found that the owner of the film, which depicts the landing of astronauts on the moon in 1969.

The man bought the film at a young age, in 1976. At the time, NASA was funding problems. Because of this, the Agency regularly conducted sale of unnecessary or decommissioned equipment. In one of these auctions and attended Gary George. For 217 dollars, he bought more than a thousand reels of film. Among the coils happened to be three marked “Apollo 11 EVA”: it is an acronym at NASA designated the lunar program.

Раскрыта правда о высадке США на Луну: обнаружен оригинал видео "Аполлона-11"

The record, George did not need: he expected to sell the film to TV channels, so that they could use it again, writing over your content. However, he could not sell all the film spools changed the videocassette, and it turned out that outdated equipment unnecessary. The rest of the film for many years lying idle at the man in the car.

“I was transporting them across the country in the next 43 years,” admitted Gary.

In 2006, NASA officially admitted that they can’t find the original shot of the first landing on the moon. In 2008, Gary George went on vacation with a friend working in NASA. A friend told him, “I Think we [NASA] have lost our original recording of the Apollo 11 EVA”. “Frankly, I was just sitting at a table, drinking a beer and said, “Well, hell, I have it”,” recalls Gary George.

On the found records — total length 2 hours 24 minutes — captured all the main historical moments: the first step of Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface and his famous phrase “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, as well as the installation of the American flag and the conversation buzz Aldrin with U.S. President Richard Nixon.

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The film is now exhibited at Sotheby’s auction and can be sold for $2 million Auction scheduled for July 20.

Раскрыта правда о высадке США на Луну: обнаружен оригинал видео "Аполлона-11"

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