Disclosed the truth about a personal relationship Loboda and Lindemann: “tragedy”

Раскрыта правда о личных отношениях Лободы и Линдеманна: "Будет трагедия"

The truth became known about the relationship of Svetlana Loboda and till Lindemann, which they have long been hiding

Svetlana Loboda and till Lindemann actually feel for each other some huge romantic feelings. And the fact that they from time to time appear in public together — just window dressing. In certain of the tarragon and psychic, which specializiruetsya on the relations of the Russian and world stars.

According to the expert, in the case of the Loboda and Lindemann we are not talking about a very deep relationship.

“Generosity and tolerance, just emotion. This could easily change,” said tarragon.

According to her, till as a person with a philosophical view of the world and the dreamer is constantly on the wave. This is not the man who loads himself with morality. He believes that “life is a game”.

Раскрыта правда о личных отношениях Лободы и Линдеманна: "Будет трагедия"

“Such an attitude can be called love. But love “fake”, — said the psychic.

And Loboda, in turn, to this day “is devoid of peace and is in a state of deep concern and depression”. This is partly due to “selfishness, manipulation, love of oneself, indulging your desires.” The tarragon is sure that the till sooner or later “sever” the relationship with Svetlana and “will do from this tragedy” (the preconditions for this already). This is despite the fact that Loboda “definitely want to win the legendary singer”.

“What happens actually? The relationship will continue, but still, it’s more like business acumen, rather than on the love outpouring”, — said the psychic.

Раскрыта правда о личных отношениях Лободы и Линдеманна: "Будет трагедия"

Also earlier it was reported that the popular Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda has caused a stir in the network because of possible relationship with his producer. Corresponding photos she has published on his page in the social network.

“I’m happy because I have you, my favorite harmful little genius! Thank you for so many years you committed to give to our common cause! Infinitely appreciated and loved. Be happy, NATICK! Happy Birthday to you”, — stated in the caption.

Note that network users are not spared such a bright greeting happy birthday, suspecting Loboda in hiding the relations which the singer repeatedly heated.

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