Disclosed the contents of the “suicide note” of Hitler: “They both knew…”

Раскрыто содержание "предсмертной записки" Гитлера: "Они оба знали, что..."

At auction in the U.S. state of Maryland exhibited the telegram, which the Fuehrer of the Third Reich Adolf Hitler shortly before his suicide sent to General-field Marshal Ferdinand Schoerner

It is expected that the historical document will be able to gain from 60 to 80 thousand dollars, writes Daily Mail.

Auction will be held on 30 April and 1 may. The lot also included the text of the letter of Schemer to Hitler with an appeal to leave besieged Berlin.

In a telegram dated 24 April 1945, Hitler answered the call of the Schemer: “I will remain in Berlin in order to take advantage of participation in the decisive battle for Germany and show a good example to all the rest. I believe that in this way will serve Germany, the best service”.

The President is conducting the auction of the company Alexander Historical Auctions, bill panagopulos noted that this is essentially a suicide note of the Fuhrer. “In it he [Hitler] until the end tries to portray itself as the valiant leader of his people,” — said the expert. According to him, this document is unique in so far as it is possible.

Раскрыто содержание "предсмертной записки" Гитлера: "Они оба знали, что..."

He added that two days after sending this telegram to Hitler had the last opportunity to fly from the capital of the Third Reich, Hitler refused. “He probably hoped that Schemer somehow move from Czechoslovakia to the North and liberate Berlin, but I’m sure they both knew that it is impossible”, — concluded Panagopoulos.

Раскрыто содержание "предсмертной записки" Гитлера: "Они оба знали, что..."

According to the official, Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide on 30 April 1945 in Berlin during the assault on the German capital by Soviet troops. Ferdinand Schoerner, who died in 1973 in Munich, was the last on the date of death, General field Marshal of the army of the Third Reich and the only one promoted to this rank, having served as an ordinary soldier.

Note, the Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States considered the story of the escape of Adolf Hitler to Argentina in 1945. This is stated in declassified documents published on the FBI website. They say that the leader of German national socialists on the submarine could get to Argentina, and then to seek refuge in the southern part of the Andes mountain range.

Recall the first time revealed sex is really about the preferences of Hitler.

As reported Politeka, rare pictures of Hitler showed the world.

Also Politeka wrote that the network got pictures of the personal photographer of the dictator of the Third Reich.