Disclosed Putin’s plan for Ukraine: “the accent in the Donbass, all of a lot more serious”

Раскрыт план Путина по Украине: «акцент не на Донбассе, все на много серьезнее»

Russia concentrated all his attention in Ukraine today is not on Donbass, but in Kiev

As stated by a military expert Yuri, Karin, the main goal of the Kremlin at the moment is to promote politicians who support the idea of the autonomy of Donbass and the further federalization of the state, writes “Apostrophe”.

According to him, in Moscow as the “final solution of the Ukrainian question” I see the impact on the Ukrainian elections on so-called “Moldovan scenario.”

Раскрыт план Путина по Украине: «акцент не на Донбассе, все на много серьезнее»

“Its essence consists in imposing Ukraine of the plan of “federalization”, which until 2014, actively promoted the “Ukrainian choice” godfather Putin – Victor Medvedchuk. It is associated with the saturation of the political arena of Ukraine (especially the Parliament) politicians, supporting the idea of the autonomy of Donbas within Ukraine with further federalization. A long-term plan, the next step of which will be local elections in 2020, provides for the deepening schisms within our society due to the “parade of autonomies”, and in the future should lead to loss of sovereignty or territory. For example, in the form of a “land corridor” to the Crimea”, – says Karin.

According to experts, the primary objectives of the Russian Federation do not change for a long time and they simply describe it: “renewal of the Ukrainian political processes in Moscow format and integration into the Ukrainian policy of the Russian puppets with extended powers”.

Earlier, the former head of the US state Department John Kerry in an interview said his opinion about the future actions of Russia. He suggests that Vladimir Putin may once again go to Ukraine, but it would be a great mistake.

“This will be a huge mistake, and Russia — to begin any military action against Ukraine. I can’t predict their actions, but I hope they will be smart enough not to provoke and not to create additional international incidents,” says Kerry.

Раскрыт план Путина по Украине: «акцент не на Донбассе, все на много серьезнее»

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