Disclosed “Dnipro” deal between Putin and Poroshenko: “this fall…”

Раскрыта "днепровская" сделка Путина и Порошенко: "уже этой осенью..."

The presidents of Russia and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko can divide the whole of Ukraine together with tricky scheme

Ukrainian journalist Alexander Dubinsky explained that what the Russian President actually needed to give the residents of Donbass Russian passports. Their findings he presented in the video on Facebook.

As noted by the blogger, most experts do not reveal the true cause of the decree of Vladimir Putin, defending his interests or helping the current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Alexander Dubinsky believes that the guarantors have agreed and decided to divide Ukraine “on the Dnieper”.

Раскрыта "днепровская" сделка Путина и Порошенко: "уже этой осенью..."

So Poroshenko is very popular among residents of the Western regions. “May be Emperor,” — said the journalist. At the same time, the President does not need the Center and East of the country. And in the Eastern regions are Pro-Russian sentiments, which Vladimir Putin can exploit.

#Dubinskiy for an explanation of distribution of Russian passports Putin. When you say that it is for the sake of Donbass believe it not. The purpose of the Kremlin to grab half of Ukraine. And that Putin’s support it the best partner Poroshenko.

Posted by Dubinsky.pro on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Alexander Dubinsky said that the Russians “catapulted” the story of the distribution of citizenship to the residents of Donbas as an excuse. “In fact, he intended to issue Russian passports to the 2.3 million Ukrainians who reside in the territory of the Russian Federation for a long time”, — the blogger reported, citing data of the interior Ministry and the foreign Ministry. Going to work, the citizens of Ukraine send money home to their relatives and friends. But after receiving a Russian passport, many will start to pull their families in Russia.

Раскрыта "днепровская" сделка Путина и Порошенко: "уже этой осенью..."

“The purpose of the distribution of Russian passports are parliamentary elections. Because these people who are here (in Russia — ed.), receiving a Russian passport to vote for the Pro-Russian candidate,” explained Alexander Dubinsky. So he called Yuri Boyko. Supporters of former presidential candidates can make a “revenge of Pro-Russian forces” this fall and to bring him to power in parts of Ukraine.

The journalist showed the relationship Yuriy Boyko and Petro Poroshenko Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash. According to him, in due time both candidates have hired political strategist, Paul Manafort. “Then, in the 14th year, they have already painted as to divide Ukraine and of voters of Ukraine in half. Here they are now, will do it.” Alexander Dubinsky called Poroshenko “the main agent of the Kremlin” and “the purchase man, which only to earn money”.

We will remind, the disappearance of a foreigner in Kiev, because Poroshenko and Zelensky: it turned out the details.

As reported Politeka, Poroshenko spent on elections four times more Zelensky: amount amazing.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko went to the meanness: “failed vengeance Zelensky”.