Disclosed a terrible secret poisoning Alibasov, rattles scandal: “Stomach, liver or brain?”

Раскрыта страшная тайна отравления Алибасова, гремит скандал: «Желудок, печень или мозг?»

Russian singer and founder of the group “on-On” Bari Alibasov turned out to be a Grand liar, found out about what all

The truth about him was exposed, the husband of the deceased Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev.

“This correspondence was the basis of a well-planned action. Of course, the conversation was about the fact that the Bari Karimovich need regular treatment, but we are talking about problems with alcohol. This situation it was decided to use as infopovod and to play all the witnesses to what we have become”, he said.

Shepelev showed the audience a screenshot of the correspondence Alibasov with the doctor, in which they discuss details of the “mock”.

At the same time, the examination proved that the fact of poisoning Alibasov was a fake. The reason for the admission experts deem alcohol poisoning.

As previously reported, doctors have expressed various doubts about the credibility of the version about the poisoning of the famous producer Bari Alibasov liquid for cleaning the pipes “Mole”. Too many issues cause the rate of recovery of the victim.

No obvious effects of such injuries, and on the contrary, Alibasov not lost weight and have not lost the blush on the cheeks after such a severe poisoning.

Doctor of medical Sciences, the doctor-gastroenterologist Vitaly Rumyantsev expressed doubts about the diagnosis producer Bari Alibasov, saying that the story of the poisoning liquid to clean pipes doesn’t look right.

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According to the specialist, too many facts that contradict the picture that would unfold if the producer really drank the Mole.

“Alibasov not discharged as quickly, if indeed there was a burn of the fourth degree. It would mean complete destruction of the tissues of the esophagus. If in such cases the person survives, which is doubtful, the esophagus and remove him… He needs to be fed through a tube into the small intestine, bypassing the stomach and the esophagus, the stomach should be the hole. But it is not” — said the gastroenterologist.

In addition, according to the physician, because of the strict diet the producer had to lose serious weight, which is also not observed.

Раскрыта страшная тайна отравления Алибасова, гремит скандал: «Желудок, печень или мозг?»

Recall that the surviving Bari Alibasov first told the truth about his poisoning.

As reported Politeka, Alibasov spoke about the terrible visions during the coma, “my hands are shaking”.

Politeka also wrote that a friend Alibasov fed producer of drugs: “got to hospital”