Disclosed a big fraud with the payment system, bred big: “look Closely at …”

Раскрыт большой обман с платежками, разводят по-крупному: «Внимательно присмотритесь к …»

Ukrainians complain about the increase in doubtful debts in the payment and are afraid of turning off gas

Regional gas companies to charge consumers inflated bills, despite the fact that NKREKU they have repeatedly fined for it.

In the Main territorial Department of justice of Kiev explained how not to pay too much.

The main causes of illegal over-payments for gas had the following to say:

The gas companies included in the tariff for gas supply surcharges that are charged by suppliers (assbifi).

Bills can swell because the gas companies expect the volume of used gas with application of the overestimated norms of consumption.

In addition to manipulation of the payroll assbite may unlawfully to finish these types of payments:

Supplement in connection with the increase in the rate of consumption per person (there is a debt over time, which require to pay).

Раскрыт большой обман с платежками, разводят по-крупному: «Внимательно присмотритесь к …»

The introduction of the tariff cost of supplier because of the expansion of gas at high temperatures and their reduction at low.

The tariff increase due to the inclusion of expenses of the supplier for the modernization of gas transportation systems and equipment.

Lawyers are advised to carefully check your receipts and make sure that no illegal charges. If any, citizens will have the right to demand recalculation of the size of the debt.

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What to do if the bills were illegal additional charges (these items relate to the whole communal):

Write a complaint to a company which undertook to provide services. It can apply to the district administration, which has the authority to influence the situation. Advice on how to write a document, you can get in legal aid centres, which are located in each regional center.

To unite neighbors and make a collective appeal. If you see such problems, such as cold water instead of hot, which you are forced to pay, probably, the neighbors have the same problem. In this case, you need to make a collective civil act that should make two copies and bring them to the housing office and the district administration. To speed up the process, it is recommended to make several such statements.

Apply directly to the Antimonopoly Committee (AMC) with the complaint to provide services to the company. Some of them are private. And like Kyivvodokanal, Kyivenergo, “Ukrtransgaz” and even monopolies, noted in the Department of justice. Accordingly, their work controls the AMC.

Раскрыт большой обман с платежками, разводят по-крупному: «Внимательно присмотритесь к …»

Appeal incorrectly assessed a cost of court. The lawsuit will help to prepare lawyers the same legal aid centres. The law also stipulates that people who belong to the privileged categories, can get free legal support in court, in particular, lawyer. Are due to invalids, pensioners, participants of the ATO, their families and IDPs.

We will remind, pensions recalculated in Ukraine, who added 67 UAH, and who will get 16000.

As reported Politeka, Ukrainians have “surprise” grants.

Also Politeka wrote that the life of retirees will change dramatically.